Text Complexity

One of the terms that you're going to hear quite a bit about as we continue with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards is text complexity. The Common Core State Standards place a strong emphasis on the role of text complexity in evaluating student readiness for college and careers. In order to understand the definition of text complexity we’re going to take a look at what the Common Core State Standards suggest are the three equally important components of it.

Revisiting Frederick Douglass

I would like for you to go ahead and read this excerpt from Frederick Douglass's narrative once again. We read this at the beginning of the course, and we are going to spend some time revisiting it now. When you're done reading it, I would like for you to respond briefly to the question you see on the screen: What will be the challenges of this text for our students? You can go ahead and respond to this in the form of a brief paragraph, and submit the paragraph to me electronically. Keep in mind that while we teach this passage in high schools in Broward, the Common Core State Standards showed this as being an eighth grade piece. How is that possible? The next several slides will answer that question as we take a look at how we determine the complexity of a text.

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